Monday, December 16, 2013

The trip I needed.

Hi everyone! I've mentioned my love for the arts in a previous post and how much I needed another trip to the museum badly. I did go to the museum last week and I was quite lucky to have caught Yue Minjun's exhibit at the museum at the Cultural Centre. Amazing! Jaw-dropping! My favorite piece was the one with Batman and I think it will be the perfect piece for my future place. I want to start collecting art just like my mum. I hope that piece will be up for auction sometime in the future and I'll surely save up for it. It'll be perfect I tell you, perfect. Oh, I just want a place which I will fill with artwork, with pieces that can be conversation starters when I have guests over.

With the great exhibit to set the mood, I was able to reflect and plan my next few steps and I even have a plan B, just in case. It was such a great trip to the museum. 2013 didn't really start well for me and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride. A crazy one. I'm very thankful that I have my friends and family to be with me on that ride and I was actually able to survive that. Before I bid 2013 goodbye, I would like to enjoy the remaining days and end the year differently than it began.


  1. Wow, looks like an incredible museum! Lovely shots! xo


  2. Hello dear! Nice blog. I find you post very interesting)

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