Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear diary, here's a few changes.

Hi everyone! So, it's day 23 of 365 and I've decided to blog about the things I plan to change in my life since December, I've started a few already. I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one whose thoughts come rushing in just when you're about to sleep. So here's a little sharing with a hot cup of tea in the middle of the night. 

1. Traded coffee for tea
Since we started preparing for the board exam last year, I have been a person "fueled by coffee". It was both placebo and the coffee working at the same time. Knowing that coffee was in my system, I knew my brain would be working so it's when I bury myself in my books. After the board, I got sick of coffee but I still needed my morning kick of caffeine. I started drinking tea since I just need a mild kick in the morning. I am currently loving Rickshaw's green tea and Twining's black tea flavored with passion fruit, mango and orange. Do I need to mention the many benefits of tea? :)

2. I exercise "regularly"
Honestly, I try to. I was an athlete back in high school so I usually relied on our training as my exercise and of course P.E classes. I honestly hate going to the gym so I end up dragging myself because my brain says I need to. I am currently making myself used to the idea of the gym so that it won't seem like a "requirement" and just be something natural. I've been going to the gym for two weeks now. Psychologically, my perception of the gym has changed. It actually makes me happy, random happy thoughts or realizations just rush in. I look like a fool suddenly smiling while on the treadmill. It's amazing! (No notes on physical changes included.) hahaha

3. I experiment in the kitchen now
You'll only see me in the kitchen if I'm looking for food, yeah I used to be that type. I can fry, I mean who can't? So last year, I decided to start baking and I now know a few things and here's the top one on that list, "Anything chocolate-based, people will love." An example, my baby brother and cousin don't eat oatmeal but when I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, they loved it.(evil laugh) They ate it all that's for sure, I'm not sure if they loved it. Now, I'm experimenting with pasta! I plan to experiment with leftovers and use them in possible sauces.

4. Added more genres to my ipod
I used to listen to Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, We are Scientists and some classic Mozart, Vivaldi and Beethoven. A few local bands like Urbandub and Franco. I never really listened to the R&B songs that I have in my ipod, except Beyonce. For a change, I decided to add more and update my songs to take up the space in my ipod. Classical music while at the gym is fantastic, it sets the happy mood but not so "pumping" as the mainstream ones. ( just an opinion )

If you're still reading, I would like to apologize for not warning you earlier that this is a long post.

5. Started reading and writing again
Not only books but also articles. I have a list of non-accounting books to read and have crossed out 3 already! I honestly find my vocabulary really horrible and reading the dictionary isn't interesting as it used to be. ( Yes, I read the dictionary when I was in Primary 2. Not all, just half of the A words and the ones with pictures. ) I can't wait to go book shopping this CNY holiday in Hong Kong with my mum! To the ladies reading this, I would like to suggest that you download the app "all women stalk". It's a great app that has thousands of articles to read, from "apps" to "weight loss" (alphabetical). It truly is your daily scoop of fabulous! And now writing, I've gone old school! I'm back to pen and paper and my "dear diary" days. Why am I even sharing this here? My brothers would probably try to find it if they read this. Hahaha

6. Travel, travel, travel
My best friend since Primary 1, Nina, and I have been planning a few trips. Just planning, picking places to go and things we have to try. We're planning an eat, pray, love kind of trip. We'll have to save up of course and I need to get a job. Something that I can juggle with preparing for my board exam. I'm so excited! "Travel first before you get married!" - Mum. Hahaha They say that traveling alone helps you discover yourself, I totally agree but alone sounds so sad and I think living alone in Manila back then somehow helped me a little already. Oh, I can't wait! We both giggle when we plan the things we have to bring and the small details. The same way we giggled back in Primary 1 when we were already talking about traveling together.

I think I'll stop now. If you've reached this point, thank you so much for reading! I hope you were entertained by my silly thoughts. Hahaha I'll try to sleep now :)

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