Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kitchen Neophyte (2013)

Hi everyone! I've mentioned in my previous post that I have been experimenting in the kitchen since the last quarter of 2013. I've shared these pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Some of my friends asked to share my recipe, so I decided to create a blog post. Honestly, I just get the recipes from Yummly or Kath Eats. Feel free to check them out! :)

1. Banana-almond oatmeal bars with dark chocolate toblerone on top

     For this recipe, I just searched for "pure oatmeal bars" and chose the simplest recipe. My idea was just to know the basic ingredients for a plain oatmeal bar then I just decided to throw in the banana, almond slices and toblerone.

2. Oatmeal banana pancakes

     Another oatmeal experiment, my mum bought a lot of oatmeal so I decided to play around with it. ( Not really play but you know what I mean ). Blended oatmeal, banana and skim milk as my pancake batter. Besides not having maple syrup around, the taste of banana was quite dominant so you don't really need the sweetness of the syrup. I added strawberry jam on the side just in case somebody wanted the pancakes to be sweeter.

3. Oreo eating cupcake
     This was my contribution during Christmas Eve, I was actually planning to make the cookie monster cupcake but we didn't have blue food coloring and I wasn't so sure how to make cookie monster's eyes. Anyway, here's your basic chocolate cupcake with a diagonal slit to fit the cookie. I don't have cupcake liners and I was just playing around so I didn't really bother purchasing them.

This year, I plan to try to bake mint chocolate cupcakes and explore other things in the kitchen besides baking. Well, I hope you guys liked the pictures! Just check out the sites above. :)

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