Thursday, April 17, 2014

A getaway to a familiar place.

Hi! I've mentioned in my previous post that I had a short getaway to the Philippines a week and a half ago. It was so refreshing after my first month in my part-time job. Rewarding. Hahaha! Processed some papers, met up with some friends and attended a  debut with my mum. I'll talk about that in a later post. It was a fabulous event! Now, here are a few snapshots of my short trip. :)

Hi, Pete! Hahahaha I think it's my second time to show his face on my blog. You'd usually see his name as the person taking my pictures in my previous outfit posts. A little shopping and a lot of eating. Let me brag that I was able to play his PS4! Hahahaha Some modern day space impact and I was able to watch (just watch :( ) him play Second Son! AAAAHHHHH!! Amazing!

While waiting for my an appointment or dates with friends or for Pete to get off work, I stay in Starbucks and just read a random book or for my workshop on Corporate Financing ( totally not in-line with the idea of being on vacation, so I ended up reading a Sophie Kinsella book )

I took this photo when I was in Paul Herrera's atelier. I have been here for a few times already and I am in love with this piece of the Eiffel Tower.

Mum and I were attending a debut and I had to fit in my dress, so I tried to eat better for the days I had left before the event. I had a veggie wrap from Army Navy ( I forgot what it's actually called but it's all veggies ) and juices from the detoxify bar that almost everyone in Manila are talking about. I've tried the green vegan detox too and it was good too! I need a juicer in my life! :)) 

Ramen with my friends in greenbelt! Photos are from Eunice. I had a great time but I still wish we could've chatted longer. They all had work the next day while Jerome had a different kind of shift. Haha! While waiting for dinner, Pao and I caught up at toast box! Not a fan of their tea because I don't like my tea sweet. Despite that, the atmosphere of the place was great for chit chats with friends.

Oh, it's been too long San Juan! Back in my second year of high school, I would swim with the fishes after school or during the weekend ( That was in our compound and not really in San Juan, still in La Union though and the fishes were tiny.) The water level used to be so high that you could just jump into the sea from your window but as the years passed, the shoreline got farther from the houses. I couldn't stay long in San Juan, the debut was that evening. I couldn't get uneven skin tone 'cause my mum would freak out. Hahahaha

The Philippines is such a huge country and the only places I've been to are Manila, La Union, Vigan and Baguio. There's still so much to discover and I'm quite excited to be able to visit those. My besties and I are planning for a bora trip when we're finally all in the same country so that we can make solid plans. AAAAH! I'm so excited :)) 

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