Monday, April 14, 2014

Life lately.

Hi! It's been forever, I know. I thought of blogging tonight not only because I miss it but I thought of changing whatever theme this blog began with. This blog is my teeny tiny space in the world wide web, my "dear diary" which I will read in the future, if blogger still exists, and probably laugh at my silly thoughts and rants. To get to point, it'll be random and quite odd, since I can be an odd one. So, here are pictures of how life has been lately. I know there's always instagram for that but a lengthy caption would just annoy your followers and take up quite a huge space. ( Lengthy post alert... prepares a pot of tea. )

 I am currently working part-time because I am a year and a month away from the legal age of working as a professional here in Macau. It was difficult to find one that's in-line with the course I've taken in undergrad and I got quite frustrated to the point that I was questioning if I took the right course. Anyway, I've got one now and I decided to apply for evening masters and get certified in Hong Kong to make most of the time before I'm 21. No updates yet but hoping for the best.

At first, it was quite difficult to sleep because my body clock was pretty messed up before I got the part-time job. I would need black tea in the morning to wake me up. I was struggling for a week, so I decided to give this sleepy time tea a try. IT WORKS! It works! It works! It works! Hahahaha After drinking a cup, my eyelids would suddenly be heavy so I'm forced to shut them and you sort of feel light ( not high, I just used the wrong term), it feels like it signals your whole body that it's sleepy time! It's soothing, the smell is really calming and the taste is a little minty.

During my " I think I took the wrong course days", I just sketched or painted it all out. I've thought of becoming a fashion designer when I was younger. I never considered it when I was choosing a course for college because it was something I love and I'm afraid that if I get into a design school, I might end up not loving it anymore. I know, strange.

Ah, legit Chinese dessert! Porridge with tapioca.

I'm back with Reader's Digest and I finally got to subscribe using my name! I love the 32 pages that are exclusive for subscribers and you get a percentage off for subscribing! ( 20%, I think ) Paying less and getting more. Always a great read during the beginning of every month. Below's a snapshot of my favorite article in the April issue.

Books, books, books! I have been itching to read these but I had to control myself because I had to prepare for my first workshop in Corporate Financing ( blablabla.. boring!) HAHA! These books are an advanced birthday gift from Pete! teehee. I flew back to the Philippines for 8 days, I'll talk about the trip in another post. I just love bookstores in the Manila. They're freakin' larger than the ones here in Macau and they have more English books!

Just by looking at this donut already gave me diabetes. JK! I'm not really a fan of Krispy Kreme but I was tired and sleepy from my workshop just earlier. I had to get up at 5am to catch the first ferry to HK and the workshop ended around 5:30pm. I was physically and mentally tired, arrived home to see two dozens of these! Ah, sugar rush! Off to read a book now and I would like to share a quote that I read somewhere.

  Lady Bracknell to Ernest : "Young people either know everything or nothing."


  1. Happy to see you back! Such a nice peek into your day-to-day. Love that anchor dress you're wearing and there are so many tasty goodies :)