Monday, April 21, 2014

The ten things I learned in my teen years

Can't believe I'm turning 20! 2 decades old! Time, please do slow down now. I guess this is the time of my life that's said to be the best. It's when you're old enough to go to places like bars, clubs, casinos and what not. ( I'm not really a fan of those places, meh ) Anyway, it's when you start earning to be able to do all those that you're old enough for now and do more shopping. Hahaha Travel, too!

So, I'll be leaving my teen years and here's ten things I learned from those years ( It may vary from person to person and some of the things listed here are quite general ) :

1) Manners matter
-     My mum used to tell me that how I act in public is a reflection of how I was raised. The last thing that I would want to bring to our family is shame. I know that there are factors to be considered from my environment too, I wasn't a hundred percent prim and proper but I would also think how I wanted to be perceived and what kind of person I wanted to be. You want to be respected, be respectable. 

2) Most of the time, our parents are right.
-     Yes, as much as the "teen" in me would want to deny it. They are very much right because they've been through what we're going through but there's no better teacher than experience, right?

3) Numbers don't matter when it comes to friends.
-     Everyone knows this, it's the real ones that matter and not the number of friends you have.

4) Find balance.
-     Studies, extra-curricular, family, friends , boyfriend/girlfriend.

5) Change is constant.
-     From your body, your voice, fashion trends and the list goes on.

6) Life's supposed to be hard.
-     Change is a huge contributor here. Well, it helps improve our decision-making and just molds us to a more mature person and somehow prepares us for the real world.

7) Eat junk now.
-    This one's sorta related to number 8. I enjoyed eating junk, especially when I was in primary school. In high school, I wasn't really affected by the I have to be skinny "disease" people caught. Probably because I already realized that getting big easily is sort of in our genes. ( Hi dad!  HAHAHAHAHA )

8) You have a lot of free time now.
-     A lot of time for a lot of things like sports and the arts. I didn't really worry about my food intake because we had P.E, we get enrolled in different activities for the weekends or during summer vacation and I also was an athlete back in primary and high school. When you get a full-time job, you won't really have summer vacation. You have to accumulate your vacation, sick and pretending to be sick leaves. eh.

9) Golden rule
-     " Do unto others what you want others to do unto you" or " Don't do unto other what you don't want others to do unto you."

10) There's nothing like family
-     They are the best cheerleaders and best friends you'll ever have.

I came across this article on the internet and would just want to share it here: 20 things 20 year olds don't get.

Before I end this post, let me leave you with this quote that a friend posted : 

If things aren't adding up in your life, start subtracting!

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