Saturday, May 24, 2014

Midnight Memories.

Here's an extension of my birthday post. Mum and I went to Hong Kong to "pick up my learning packs" from HKICPA. Right. Hahahaha! We actually did but it was the last thing on our to-do list. Mum wanted to shop for summer clothes so we checked out a few shops in Mong Kok. I love the MTR! It's so steady and pretty convenient even for those who aren't really familiar with the place. Anyway, here are shots of what I wore. I kinda disturbed (forced) my mum while she was crazy shopping just to take these shots. Haha! I thought I had to wear pieces that are easy to just remove when I try on clothes. Ugh . The lines at the fitting room were so long, I didn't try any of my picks. Just looked at the mirror and estimated. Hahaha estimate? whuuut. We planned to drop by Causeway Bay and Central but my learning packs were too heavy. eh. Weights! Hahaha 

After a very tiring day, mum and I had dumplings for our late lunch. Really late because it was 4pm. Haha! Here's my all time favorite, besides hakaw, wanton! GINORMOUS ones and it was indicated on the menu that their wantons are large.  Now, allow me to explain the title. One Direction's gonna have a concert in HK next year in March! Woohoooo! ( I know, it isn't related to the post at all but I hope I get to watch it with my baby sis! ) Tita, if you're reading this. Please, please, pleeeaaase. Hehe :D Okay, I'll stop blabbing now. I hope you liked this post! :)

Top : Zara | Pants/leggings : Local shop | Flats : Nessa | Bag : Tory Burch | Shades : Forever 21

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