Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't kill the magic.

Backlog alert! Hi! :) I've posted this on Instagram on the day that I wore this outfit. I was just so happy with the combination, I couldn't stop myself! It's nothing big, I know. It's what some people would refer to as basic print on plain. Believe me, I wanna try a print on print look but I'm still figuring things out here. Time to challenge myself and gather up confidence to try it once, or a few times before the year ends. Oh gee, we're already halfway! Anyway, my top is actually my mum's. I guess that's not a surprise anymore, right? Haha! So this top is actually long, it can pass as a bikini cover up during beach trips. The fabric is really lightweight, sheer but not the obvious kind. Hence, it's breathable. Perfect for the hot and humid weather we have here in Macau.

What an awkward smile on my face. * points at the photo right above. Haha! Initially, I was planning to wear white flats but I was sort of scared. The last time I wore a pair was when I was still studying in Rosa. It was required because it's part of our uniform. Anyway, just to make sure that my shoes didn't look a bit off. I decided to use my current favorite bag which I got from H&M. I hope you like this look! And oh, the title. It's my favorite song! LSS? You can say that. I know it's not related to the post but it's a great song. :) So, if you wanna check it out. Tadaaaa! Haha

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