Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sun shy Sundays.

Raise your hand if you love Sundays! wooohoooo! I've got a few reasons to love Sundays even if it's next to Monday. eh. Before I share my thoughts about this day of the week, here's what I wore today. Yup, todaaay. I've got a few backlogs but I wanted to post this first because it's such a fine day. Haha The sun's great but the sticky icky feel isn't. I have never realized how much I loved this day until today. I can't even explain it, I'm just so delighted. Is it the Vitamin D from the sun or just this iced orange-flavored black tea? hmmm.

I was planning to list my reasons down but my love for today boils down to one major point, it's everyone's day-off. Not always but when it is, it's gonna be a great day for sure! Even if there's nothing planned, I just like the idea that we're complete and just chilling at home. You know, the little things. Considering how people nowadays are just generally busy, it's always good to take a break in between. Just recharge and refresh yourself, your thoughts, your perspective. Traveling would be ideal but not always possible? There's always another escape and that's a trip to your imagination fueled by books, books, boooooks! Haha! I'm currently reading Sophie Kinsella's wedding night. (Oh, let's talk about the books I've read and want,scratch that, dying..dying to read in another post. This post will be longer than it already is if I talked about them here. Haha!) Besides reading, there's the pool, the gym, the kitchen! Hahahaha I think I'm starting to sound a little bit odd here and not making sense anymore... It just feels like I've got all the time in the world (even if I don't) to do anything I want which is most of the time different from what I have to do. Yaaaay! Oh, the positivity! Time to read again and prepare for tea time. Bye for now! I hope you liked this post. :)

Top : Calypso | Printed dress and bag : H&M

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