Sunday, November 9, 2014

Challenge : 5 days of red lips.

 Hi everyone! As promised, here's a post on the lipsticks that I wore and swatches of each. Sorry, the tubes kinda look nasty, especially my Rimmel one. I didn't have a proper organizer until last week? It's when I decided to organize them and I realized I have a few reds. Then yada yada yada.. shazam! , this challenge happened. :)

For both tubes and swatches,(L-R) Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in Frost, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm, Topshop Lips in Rio Rio, Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Porcelain, Revlon ColorStay Ultimade Suede in Backstage.

After these swatches, I realized the Revlon Colorstay ( far right ) doesn't look so red. It's more of a maroon-ish plum-ish color. I'm not so good at describing colors.  Wow, I'm starting to like "ish" a lot. Kindly take note that I am no beauty blogger so there will be no thorough reviews of lip products here. :) Oh my, how am I supposed to describe each of them? red-redder-reddest?deep?bold?bright? I'll try my best.

 Also, shots of my face wearing each lipstick. One wacky and one not-so-wacky. Haha! Not too late for a warning right? Warning : MY FACE! and my very first "vlog" at the end. These are raw pictures, unedited just re-sized. I took them under natural light. You can totally see my freckles. Heeeey, me and my freckles. A few spots because I don't have perfect skin and that's okay. :)

Day 1:  Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in Frost
- This is the only one that has glitter. Is that glitter? or shimmer? I think glitter. I'm not a fan of glitter so this baby has been sitting around for a while. But the glitter doesn't really show on the swatches or on my lips, right? 

Day 2: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm
- This one's from my aunt in Canada. I like this one, it's the shade of red that I feel comfortable wearing. It's redder than the first from Revlon. It's quite creamy and it does last all day even after my morning coffee and a cup of tea in the afternoon. Amazing! 

Day 3: Topshop Lips in Rio Rio
- This is sort of in between orange and red when on my lips. It's different when swatched though. Oh geez, I'm really bad at describing. One thing's for sure ( I double checked online reviews), this has a matte finish. I think it's too bright for me. I have a concern with the packaging though, it doesn't click/lock, the cover just slides off by itself. meh

Day 4: Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Porcelain
- This one's included in an old post of mine, lip products that I love. This reminds me of Taylor Swift a lot and I'm just gonna shake,shake,shake,shake... :)) 

Day 5: Revlon ColorStay Ultimade Suede in Backstage
- Yes, this isn't red but this is now my official favorite for the season! I still love you though MAC Dubonnet. I've been eyeing this shade since I saw it on Olivia Wilde! woohooo

Gotta be honest, I do not know much about make-up but I loooove love lipsticks. Gonna try MAC's Lady Danger and Rebel. Also, NARS' Ingrid. Teehee. Right, so on my face I'm wearing sunscreen beneath everything, Nature Republic's Green Tea BB cream, Maybelline's mineral concealer on the designer bags under my eyes *winkwink and my brows.

Before I end this post, here's my first vlog. Just doing what I do best... and that's being my awkward self. Hope you like it! :)


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