Saturday, November 8, 2014

Five days of red : Day 3.

Hi everyone! Here's day and I have to admit that I was not in the mood. It was Wednesday and the local coffeeshop that I always go to before work is closed on Wednesdays. I was thinking where else will I be getting my morning coffee and get a sandwich to-go for my lunch? I know it isn't such a big problem since there are other coffeeshops around but it has been a routine since last month. ( I think?) I struggle on Wednesdays. </3 Coffee and I got back together, still sticking to the tall size though. Haha Kinda scared, wondering if I'll reach the Venti stage again. Oh, board exam days.

Anyways, I'm wearing a lipstick from Topshop Lips in Rio Rio. This is the brightest that I own. Actually, I think it's a tie with Revlon from day 1.  I hope you'll like this. :)

Button-down: Mango | Tank : Forever 21 | Jeggings : Local shop | Shoes : Steve Madden

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