Sunday, November 16, 2014

Like a poem.

Beautiful day today! The sun's shining and I got out of bed early so I decided to take a walk in the park after my morning coffee. Caffeine-dependent alert! Because who isn't? ;) Ah yes, mid-November and I have crossed this piece of clothing off my "to try - because change is good" list. It's actually an untitled list, I just cross off things I've done/tried but meh, allow me to just
  call it that. 

I recently purchased this maroon midi skirt and I just got too excited! I was struggling on how and what to pair it with, I was thinking of a striped top but I ended up with a pale tank and a cardigan. Playing it safe :) Wearing my favorite white flats that I mentioned in a previous post. teehee

And here I am, just being myself :)) hahaha

 Before I end this post, allow me to share a stanza of a poem that has captured my love for autumn and sunflowers,

" Your brown-colored hair
perfect with your sweet smile,
reflects the auburn leaves of autumn
like sunflowers under the sun."

 I hope you liked this post :)

Tank: Forever21 | Cardigan : Mango | Midi skirt : Stradivarius | Flats : H&M | Bag : Coach

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