Saturday, December 6, 2014

Made and taken.

Saturdays, switching it all off for a while with great coffee at noon while watching Gotham. Spending Saturdays walking around, looking for local coffee shops. The list is quite long already but we always end up in the first ever coffee shop we discovered, Mind Cafe. Can we get a #loyal? Haha! I've instagrammed it a few weeks ago, it's this cute coffeeshop owned by an interior designer so you would expect that the interiors are amazing. Not so fancy and all that but it's really cool for a small space. I'll blog about it on a separate post.

Hi everyone! Never too late for greetings, right? Laid back, always laid back. It's not so cold today so I was still able to wear shorts. Here's what I wore, took my DMs out to play :) Hope you like it!

 Oh yeah, DIY bangs. 

Last time I did this, first year college. teehee Planning to change my hair again, probably before the year ends. I should keep track of my hair-adventures. My hair has been through a lot in the past 3 years. haha whuuuut. Oh, you know. Let me stop now 'cause I'm not making sense anymore. Allow me to leave you with 3 words that I love-hate. All just a matter of perspective. Anyways, I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

Choices, chances, changes.

(Hence, the title)

Uniqlo | Giordano | Doc Martens

Photos by Lance Relucio



  2. Your blog is awesome! To be in trend of modern fashion, see yourself in checkered skinny jeans ! They seriously reshape your body.