Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sleigh ride.

Tadaaaaa!! Hi everyone! I changed my hair again. Just like what I said in my previous post, was planning to change it before the year ends. Well, I was thinking of having this cut for a few months before I actually had it done. It's the perfect time of the year to have short hair in my opinion? See, Macau's really really small and I love to just walk around but it's so humid , you'll sweat buckets during the summer. Hence, winter's the best time. Not sure if I was able to explain how having short hair is just perfect. Right, there's another thing. While I was preparing for work, I was doing the usual blow-dry and I realized I could be sleeping extra minutes instead of blow-drying what seemed to me as "long" hair. So I went to the salon that very morning, I waited for it to open at 11am and instead of having my roots retouched, I decided to go for a darker shade. I was supposed to go black but I wasn't so sure. I've had light brown hair for almost a year and sheez, if I dyed it black, I may look a little dora-ish. haha What do you think?

The title? Oh, it's my favorite Christmas song and has been on my playlist since October! :) Christmas is just around the corner, time to save space in my belly for all the food.

Happy holidays!

Fresh from the salon selfie? haha!

Coat : Wanko | Jeans : Pull & Bear | White top : Stradivarius | Booties : Forever21 

Photos by Lance Relucio

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